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Worked in a wide variety of salons since the age of 16. Always really enjoyed training new junior students due to Phantom of THE Opera. This was my first musical which made me fall in love with all the wonderful wigs.


Besides hair and wigs it's wonderful to finish it all with beautiful make-up, whether it's for film, theatre or a photo shoot. 

body paint

This has originated from my make-up creations. Exposing more creativity in this way with a combination of wings and large wigs, amazing! 


My name is Lida van Straaten, from a young age I love to create beautiful haircuts. 

That’s why I had already decided I wanted to be nothing else than a hairdresser from this young age.  

Through the years my love for this profession has grown and I’ve combined it with make-up and bodypaint creations. I also work for several beautiful productions for film, TV and I’ve done quite some photo shoots.  

I’m very thankful that I made the decision to choose for this wonderful profession, which is still so progressive and renewing, time and time again. 

Enjoy my work on my website.

Yours sincerely ,
Lida van Straaten

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