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2018    CREATIVE MEDIA SKILLS at pinewood studios London - laying facial hair by Jana Carbon 

2017    CREATIVE MEDIA SKILLS at pinewood studios London - fitting and applying wigs by Anita Burger 

2017    CREATIVE MEDIA SKILLS at pinewood studios London - bespoke period hair by Rupert Simon 

1999    CREASE PAINT LONDON - prosthetics and special makeup 

1990    DIEDERIK SISSING MAKEUP SCHOOL for film and theatre - bodypaint (1988 - 1990)

1988    SALON INTERNATIONA LONDON - several visites latest hairstyles (1984 - 1988)

1988    JUNGE UND MICHAELIS KOLN - cutting techniques and hairstyling (1984 - 1988)

1984    SCHOOL FOR HAIR DRESSING - ladies and gentlemen skills  (1980 - 1984)




Hairdressing salons

1993    SALON KNIP The Hague main hairdresser and manager  (1987 - 1993) 

1987    WOLDENDORP COIFFURES main hair dresser and teacher trainees (1985 - 1987)

1980    SALON ASTI  The Hague hairdresser (1980 - 1985) 



2016   MADE FOR EACHOTHER (voor elkaar gemaakt ) for NL film - key hair and makeup

2015   HI BUNGALOW (Hallo bungalow) for 2C film Amsterdam - key hair and makeup 

2015   KNEELING AT A BED OF VIOLETS (knielen op een bed violen) for NL film - first asst. hair and makeup

2014   JACK ORDERS A BROTHER (Jack bestelt een broertje) for 2C films - key hair and makeup 

2006   DUMMY for Family Affair films - key hair and makeup

2006   GENJI for Egmond film and television key - hair and makeup

2004   MASS for Family Affair films - key hair and makeup

2004   BIJLMER ODYSEE for Rinkel film productions - key hair and makeup

2004   NEW SCHOES (nieuwe schoenen) for Rinkel film productions - key hair and makeup

2003   DE BODE for Familie affair films - key hair and makeup

2002   KATVANGERS for Riverpark productions - key hair and makeup 

2002   GIRL IN HYACINT BLEU Gillham road productions - assistant hair and makeup (period hair)

2001   RESISTANCE for First Floor pictures - assistant hair extras( period hair) 

2000   WILHELMINA - Assistant hair (wigs) and makeup (period hair)

1999   KETEL ONE THE STORY for Nolet - dis-ery assistant hair wigs and makeup (period hair)

1997   DE ZEVEN DEUGDEN for VPRO - assistant hair and makeup

1996   DE POOLSE BRUID for IJswater films - keyhair and makeup



2018   FLIKKEN ROTTERDAM seizoen 3 - key hair and makeup

2017   FLIKKEN MAASTRICHT seizoen 12 - key hair and makeup

2017   FLIKKEN ROTTERDAM seizoen 2 - key hair and makeup

2016   PENOZA 5 - key hair and makeup 

2015   FLIKKEN ROTTERDAM seizoen 1 - key hair and makeup

2014   PENOZA 4 - key hair and makeup

2013   IN LOVE WITH IBIZA (Verliefd op Ibiza) - key hair and makeup

2013   PENOZA 3 - key hair and makeup

2012   FLIKKEN MAASTRICHT seizoen 7 - key hair and makeup

2011   FLIKKEN MAASTRICHT seizoen 6 - key hair and makeup

2011   SEINPOST DEN HAAG - key hair and makeup 

2010   RETOUR URUZGAN - key hair and makeup 

2007   SPORTLETS on set makeup appliances and foam wigs 

2006   KOPPIG Severeal tv shows - assistant hair and makeup

2006   VAN SPEIJK seizoen 1 - key hair and makeup police drama

2005   VAN SPEIJK 2 - key hair and makeup police drama 

2003   SISTERS THE WIT 3 - key hair and makeup

2003   SISTERS THE WIT 2 - key hair and makeup 

2001   MISDAAD GEZOCHT - key hair and makeup

2001   JAPANES FAIRYTALES - asst hair and makeup 

2001   FAMILY VD PLOEG key hair and makeup

2001   ROZENGEUR AND WODKA LIME - asst hair and makeup

1998   HEAD AFFAIRS - assistant for severe tv shows  




2010    LA CAGE AUX FOLLES – hair, wig and makeup 

2006    LION KING, MAMMA MIA, CABARET - substitute several musicals hair, makeup and wigs 

2001    SOUND OF MUSIC - hair, makeup and wigs

2000    ELISABETH - preparation at wig studio Sjoerd Didden Rotterdam 

1998    MISS SAIGON - makeup, hair and wigs 

1997    THE PANTOM OF THE OPERA - makeup main character the phantom, wigs (1994 - 1997)  




2017    ROCK OPERA Ayreon Universe Arjen Lucassen, 013 Tilburg - hair and makeup 

2015    ROCK OPERA the theatre equation Luxor Rotterdam for Arjen Lucassen design wigs and makeup

2004    PULCINELLA &SECHS TANZE for Introdance Arnhem hair makeup and wigs 

2001    NABUCCO coordination, extra’s, make-up hair and wigs

2000    LA TRAVIATA Ahoy Rotterdam makeup hair and wigs 

2000    KING ARTHUR makeup hair and wigs

1998    CARMEN Ahoy Rotterdam – makeup, hair and wigs

1998    CAVALLERIA PAGGLACCI ahoy Rotterdam hair makeup and wigs  




2018    ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN lead singer, fire promo shoots for new music album - hair and makeup

2018    GEERTEKE VAN LIEROP actrice, promo shoot for book and several shoots - hair and makeup

2018    EVAVD GUGHT actrice fashion shoot for ‘Sjiek’ magazine - hair and makeup

2017    MARYAM HASSOUNI actrice shoot for ‘LXRY’ magazine and Volkskrant magazine - hair and makeup

2017    FLOOR JANSEN lead singer rockband ‘Nightwish’ promoshoot world tour - hair and makeup  

2016    NOLET DIS-ERY several shoots family Nolet ketel one wodka - hair and makeup

2015    NOLET DIS-ERY family shoots family Nolet for Gin silver promotion - hair and makeup

2011    GET ACROSS The Hague several shoots - hair and makeup 

2011    THE NATIONAL THEATRE (het Nationale Toneel) several actors for there new plays by Carl Hermes

2011    RICHARD GROENENDIJK actor New Theatre tour - hair and makeup 




2018    ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN lead singer band fire video ‘my champion’ - hair and make-up 

2016    NIGHTWISH -FLOOR JANSEN lead singer rockband ‘Nightwish’- hair and make-up for several live shows 

2010    REVAMP-FLOOR JANSEN cd cover several shoots album - hair and make-up 

2007    AFTER FOREVER –FLOOR JANSEN music video ‘energize me’ - hair and make-up 

2001    BAND BLØF ‘Dancing at Sea’, ‘She is not here’ music videos and several shoots - hair and make-up 

2000    NOA ‘Bleu touches bleu’ music video and cd cover - hair and make-up 

1999    T-SPOON ‘Summer love’ music video - hair and make-up 





2003    DOUGLAS drugstores the Hague opening new stores - bodypaint and extreme wigs 

1999    NOKIA party Rotterdam - hair and make-up 

1999    MTV première party film festival Cannes - bodypaint 

1998    GODZILLA première at film festival Cannes - bodypaint and special make-up 

1997    ROYAL ALBERT HALL opening fashion week - bodypaint 

1996    MISS MONEY PENNYS acts London, Birmingham and Ibiza - bodypaint

1993    INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL Brussel - final at bodypaint competition












UNREAL special make-up effects 


Rogier Samuels 



Make-up dept. special effects 




Pieter Rim de Kroon director / producer                

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